With the NovelEdge™ Technology cycle utilizing proven gas turbine and steam turbine technology, the turbomachinery in the cycle was of little concern since it would come with an OEM guarantee. However, since the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) was unique to the NovelEdge™ Technology cycle, it became obvious that a leader in the field of HRSG design was needed.

So NovelEdge Technologies, LLC inquired within the industry and received a resounding endorsement for Nooter/Eriksen. Many considered them the leaders in the field with a technical know-how that was second to none. After review of Nooter/Eriksen's experience, growth, and market share, they were the obvious choice; state-of-the-art manufacturers for a state-of-the-art combined cycle technology.

Nooter/Eriksen, the world's leading independent supplier of Natural Circulation Heat Recovery Steam Generators behind gas turbines, is a single source supplier of custom designed heat recovery systems. They have maintained a number one market share in North America for six (6) years in a row.

Apart from gas turbine HRSGs, Nooter/Eriksen supplies heat recovery systems for such diverse applications as coke ovens and various other waste heat recovery applications. Additional products include once-through steam generators for Enhanced Oil Recovery, fire-tube boilers and process coolers.

Nooter/Eriksen is completing product development of HRSG's for the NovelEdge™ Technology reference plants, rated at 765, 825, and 950 MW in a 2-on-1 configuration (with scaled versions in either a 1-on-1 or 3-on-1 arrangement). These new designs will incorporate the NovelEdge™ Technology features and will be designed and guaranteed by Nooter/Eriksen.

Nooter/Eriksen shall be the exclusive supplier of HRSG's for the NovelEdge™ Technology plants.

For more information on Nooter/Eriksen, please visit their website at www.nootereriksen.com.

For further information, contact:

William Rollins
NovelEdge Technologies, LLC
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