There are many facets that must be considered when developing a new power plant. Is fuel readily available? Can the transmission system get the power to market? Are there adequate water resources in the vicinity? Can the air permits be readily attained? What are the projected power prices in this region? Will the project receive financing? These, and many other considerations must be taken into account before the decision to start construction is rendered.

However, nothing seems more important in this final decision than the project economics. It is the driving force that separates the viable projects from the ones that end up only as aspirations. It is the economics that provide the lending institutions with the incentive to provide loans. And in the end, it is the economics that provides the owner with a competitive advantage and a healthy revenue stream. And economics are the backbone of the NovelEdge™ Technology advantage.

Whether it's providing more power at only a small incremental cost, or reducing the complement of equipment at your combined cycle facility, NovelEdge™ Technology provides superior economics as compared to even the best conventional combined cycle facilities.

Below find several examples of the NovelEdge™ Technology advantage. The first example is the comparison of a conventional 3-on-1 combined cycle supplemental fired to 900 MW, versus a 2-on-1 NovelEdge™ Technology facility with the same rating of 900 MW. This data is shown here for viewing purposes, but is also available for download.

The second example compares a conventional combined cycle plant with 2 blocks of 2-on-1 and supplemental firing. The rating for this plant is 1200 MW. The NovelEdge™ Technology facility offers the same 1200 MW output, only it utilizes a 3-on-1 arrangement.

The third example compares the revenue increase and associated economics for our 765 MW 2-on-1 facility to a conventional combined cycle plant with a 2-on-1 arrangement rated at 600 MW.

The fourth comparison examines the repowering of an existing 500 MW steam plant that has a transmission limit of 800 MW. Conventional combined cycle technology requires 3 GT's, and repowers only 300 MW from the existing steam turbine. With NovelEdge™ Technology, only 2 GT's are required and the existing steam turbine produces 460 MW.

Comparison I

900 MW NovelEdge™ 2-on-1 versus 900 MW Conventional 3-on-1

        NovelEdge 900 MW Economic Comparison
        NovelEdge 900 MW Performance Comparison

Comparison II

1200 MW NovelEdge™ 3-on-1 versus 1200 MW Conventional 2 Blocks of 2-on-1

        NovelEdge 1200 MW Economic Comparison
        NovelEdge 1200 MW Performance Comparison

Comparison III

760 MW NovelEdge™ 2-on-1 versus 600 MW Conventional 2-on-1

        NovelEdge 765 MW Economic Comparison
        NovelEdge 765 MW Performance Comparison
        NovelEdge 765 MW Income Comparison

Comparison IV
Repowering Application

800 MW NovelEdge™ 2-on-1 versus 800 MW Conventional 3-on-1

        NovelEdge 800 MW Repower Economic Comparison
        NovelEdge 800 MW Repower Performance Comparison