One of the beauties of NovelEdge™ Technology is that essentially the technology doesn't cost the user any money.

That's because the concept behind NovelEdge™ Technology is to provide savings or benefit, and the fees are structured to be only a small portion of that savings or benefit.

From the economics page, it is noticed that NovelEdge™ Technology affords a great deal of savings to the power plant owner; $135 million in up-front capital savings in the case of a 1200 MW NovelEdge™ facility. NovelEdge Technologies, LLC provides this incredible economic benefit by selling licenses to its technology. In essence, think of it as "thermodynamic software". It is the know-how, knowledge, intellectual property, expertise, etc. that is provided to you, the combined cycle power plant owner, that gives you the tools that you need to build a much more cost effective combined cycle power plant.

NovelEdge Technologies, LLC will license the power plant owner and the owner's EPC contractor to design, construct, and finally operate the facility with NovelEdge™ Technology systems and methods. Typical license fee structures include an up-front payment, usually paid in installments over the construction cycle, accompanied by an annual license fee. Again, these fees are designed to be only a small portion of the savings.

With payment of the up-front license fees, NovelEdge Technologies, LLC, will act as consultants to the owner and the owner's EPC contractor, providing assistance, cycle data, and technical expertise to ensure that the power plant is designed to the highest standards.

It is the intention of NovelEdge Technologies, LLC to provide the power plant owner with a large economic benefit, while providing a small portion of the benefit to NovelEdge Technologies in the license fee. Truly a win-win situation.